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CAST Program

Addiction Services provides the Coping And Support Training (CAST) Program in PEI junior and senior high schools through Youth Addiction Counselors.  CAST addresses substance abuse (drinking or using drugs), mental well-being, and school performance.  CAST groups are held with 6-8 students and can have a positive lasting impact on youth and how they cope with stressors.

Arrangements are made through the school counselor or youth service worker in your school to host a CAST program.  The Youth Addiction Counselor assesses appropriateness of each student that is referred for the program.

CAST is an evidence-based program that was developed at the University of Washington in Seattle.  In the first CAST groups on PEI, significant improvements were seen in youth who participated.  For example, they drank and used drugs less frequently, felt better about themselves, and their relationships with people improved.

For more information and the research findings from CAST, please visit their website at
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