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Strength Program

The Strength Program offers a range of programming and supports, both residential and day treatment, for youth ages 15-24 and their families who are dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Addiction Services counsellors or Community Mental Health therapists assess youth problem substance use to determine if youth are motivated and ready for this level of treatment.  The Strength Program is more intensive treatment than one-on-one counseling.
The Strength Program offers:

  • counseling/therapy
  • recreational activities
  • family and parental support
  • spirituality and mindfulness practices
  • group treatment
  • individualized treatment case process
  • educational curriculum
  • life skills development
  • gambling support
  • CBT and Motivational Interviewing

In April 2015, the Strength Program was relocated to the provincial Youth Recovery Centre in Summerside, where both its residential and day treatment programs were expanded to accept more clients for longer periods of time..

The enhanced Program will increase services to youth who experience concurrent substance abuse and mental illness disorders as well as provided more support to their families.Clients will be supported with up to 18 weeks of residential care and 24 weeks of follow up aftercare, with a strong focus on holistic services and community re-integration. The residential component includes 12-beds that are operated 24/7.

Program discussions include:

  • relapse prevention
  • effective communication
  • self esteem
  • making healthy choices
  • family dynamics   
  • goal setting
  • healthy relationships
  • developing trust in others and yourself
  • managing cravings
  • coping with anger, depression, and other emotions

Following graduation from Strength, aftercare groups are available in Charlottetown and Summerside.  Strength youth workers, addiction counselors and mental health therapists are there to assist youth through the program and are available for follow up.

Community Supports:
The current program also collaborates with many local community supports and services. A large focus for the move to Summerside is to establish community supports and partnerships which will engage the client with healthy community recreation options and knowledge of community supports during and following treatment.

The Strength Program will also be looking for opportunities to engage and “give back” to the community in volunteering initiatives.
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