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Youth and Family Services

Youth Addiction Counselors and Family Addiction Counselors provide one on one and group programming in each of the Addiction Services sites across the Island. All phone calls are confidential if you have questions or concerns, or to find if we have a services that is a fit for your needs.

Addiction can impact the whole family, and close friends.  If you feel you are feeling the negative effects of addiction in your life, it is important to reach out to those who need support, or to get support for yourself. 

Family Addiction Services programs are designed to specifically meet the needs of those who have a loved one struggling with addiction.  Through participation in one to one counseling and group education sessions, participants will come to better understand addiction and begin to recover from the impact it has had on them.

Programs include:

Family Education Program on Addictions An eight (8) week program for adults who have a family member or friend with an addiction.
Seniors Support Group - “Friends Supporting Friends” Offers group support and education to seniors who are being impacted by a family members’ addiction, and is offered bi-weekly.
Family Aftercare Group Is available to those who have completed the Family Education Program and is offered bi-weekly.

Please call an Addictions Services office nearest you for dates and locations.

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